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Our printed book library including Mein Kampf (The Ford Translation) is available to all book stores universities and colleges.

You can order through your regular wholesaler using the below ISBN numbers.

We offer a special version for college courses on history which includes the full text of Mein Kampf and a teacher's/student's guide. This guide is also available as a separate book which includes a summary of Mein Kampf instead of the full text.


978-0-9845361-4-6 and 0-9845361-4-0 Mein Kampf(Student's and Teacher's Edition) w/ full Mein Kampf Text of Ford Translation, red cover(Recommended for college courses and online courses, includes suggested discussion questions, history, summary, and classroom guide).

978-0-9845361-7-7 and 0-9845361-7-5 Mein Kampf(Summary for Student's and Teacher's) (summary only not the full text, in yellow cover)

A companion book for your course which is also available as a free pdf is:

0-9774760-8-1 - Mein Kampf: A translation Controversy


ISBN10: 0-9774760-7-3 -ISBN13: 978-0977476077 Mein Kampf - The Ford Translation, Hardback book

978-0-9841584-2-3 and 0-9841584-2-1 _Mein Kampf(Ford Translation) Softcover

978-0-9845361-3-9 and 0-9845361-3-2 _Mein Kampf(Uncensored Version)__(same as Ford Translation but different cover)

Mein Kampf - The Ford Translation - Audio MP3 Version, contact us for wholesale and quantity discounts. SOLD OUT!

978-0-9841584-5-4 and 0-9841584-5-6 Mein Kampf German Language Edition Hardcover
978-0-9841584-8-5 and 0-9841584-8-0 Mein Kampf German Language Edition Softcover

0-9774760-9-X - Mein Kampf Official Nazi Edition

978-0-9841584-0-9 and 0-9841584-0-5 Dissecting The Hitler Mind(We recommend the audio version. Contact us for details on wholesale or quantity purchases).

Understanding Hitler 1 Hour Video Documentary with bonus material.

Have you seen the Audio version of Mein Kampf? Check it out here.


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